Mec Sev Ltd

Ducting for Hotels, Offices, Schools and Theatres.
Both the external and internal surfaces are embossed
and lacquered. Insulation 20mm water foamed
Ducting for Swimming pools, Dairy plants and Salt
Air environments.
Internal and external surfaces embossed and coated
with an anti corrosion polyester layer 13microns thick.
Insulation 20mm water foamed polyurethane.

Welcome to Mec Sev Ltd

Sole distributor in Ireland for P3 pre-insulated aluminium
ducting systems.

Designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing
ducting systems in Ireland for over 15 years.

Our  portfolio includes projects in hotels, pharmaceutical
labs, swimming pools, shopping centers and government

Ducting for Hospitals, and the Pharmaceutical and
Food industry.
An embossed exterior surface and a smooth interior
surface , protected by a polyester lacquer. The
insulation consists of water foamed polyurethane
completely free of  CFC or HCFC.


An example of P3 6pm coupons outdoor ducting, seen here on the       
roof of Beaumont hospital

Mec Sev Ltd
Unit 121, Western Industrial Estate
Naas Road
Dublin 12
Ph:        00353-01-4506166
Fax:       00353-01-4568682


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